Second Congreso Crítico de Narrativa Venezolana + free Carlos Noguera eBooks

The second Congreso Crítico de Narrativa Venezolana (a conference of literary criticism focused on Venezuelan narrative), organised by the Instituto de Investigaciones Literarias (Institute of Literary Studies) at Universidad Central de Venezuela takes place from 5-7 December 2012. Among discussion of theory, criticism and issues relating to contemporary literary studies (such as the emergence of new formats like blogs and Twitter), the conference will pay homage to the work of Carlos Noguera (Tinaquillo, 1943), from whose work, Inventando los días, the event takes its name.

To tie in with the event, Monte Ávila is giving away two free eBooks by Noguera, Los cristales de la noche (2005) and Juegos bajo la luna (1994).

Read more from Monte Ávila and get your free eBooks here (in Spanish).

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