As the main aim of this site is to introduce Venezuelan literature to English speaking audiences, translations into English are essential.

Firstly, a list of all published translations into English that I know of, with links to where to buy them, if possible. If you know of any I’ve missed, please email

These published translations include Crude Words, an anthology of 30 Venezuelan texts translated to English, which I co-edited with Montague Kobbe and Tim Girven.

Secondly, sharing online translations, including:

  • Palabras Errantes’ latest collection Voices from the Venezuelan City, which provides English translations of short stories or extracts of novels from 21 Venezuelan writers.
  • Words Without Borders’ Venezuela Issue
  • Guillermo Parra’s excellent blog, Venepoetics, is bursting with translated poetry.

Finally, I will post my own translations as and when I get a chance to do them – provided the authors agree!

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