Translations across the web

As I come across translations online that don’t seem to be published elsewhere, I’ll share links to them here. If you spot any to add to the list, please contact

AVILA, Carlos. ‘The Antichrist’ (rewritten version of ‘Cuando fui punk’),  trans. Guillermo Parra in Back Room

CENTENO, Israel. ‘Pornomilitary Romance’ (Romanza Pornomilitar), trans. Robin Myers, in Suelta.
‘The Garbage Dump’, trans. Ezra Fitz, in Sampsonia Way
‘The Witness’, trans. Valerie Miles, in Words Without Borders’ ‘Wiriting Exile’ issue

CHIRINOS, Juan Carlos. ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ (Cabalgata de Walkirias), trans. Jonathan Blitzer, in Words Without Borders.

KOZAK, Gisela. ‘Fugue’ (Fuga), trans. Katie Brown, in Latin American Literature Today.

WAALE, Ricardo. ‘Platform 2’, trans. Christina MacSweeny, in Bookanista

ZUPCIC, Slavko. ‘Requiem’, trans. Jeremy Osner, in Words Without Borders’ ‘Homage’ issue.

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