Simón Alberto Consalvi passes away in Caracas aged 85

Distinguished statesman and man of letters Simón Alberto Consalvi passed away in Caracas on 11 March 2013. Born in Santa Cruz de Mora, Mérida State, 1927, Consalvi will be remembered not only for holding many of the highest political positions in Venezuela, including Minister of Foreign Affairs (1977-79 and 1985-88) and Minister of the Interior (1988-89), but also for his huge contribution to literature in Venezuela.

Tribute to Consalvi from El Nacional.

Consalvi founded the Insituto Nacional de Cultura y Bellas Artes (INCIBA) in 1966, and in 1968 he was responsible for the creation of the state-owned publishing house Monte Ávila Editores which still publishes Venezuelan works today. A prolific writer, journalist and historian, Consalvi is author of a diverse range of titles from political-historical analysis like “Grover Cleveland y la controversia Venezuela-Gran Bretaña” (1992) to literary studies. In 1997 he was elected a member of the National Academy of History. Associate editor of El Nacional, from 2005 he was in charge of their Biblioteca Biográfica Venezolana collection, for which he wrote biographies of Rómulo Gallegos (2006), Juan Vicente Gómez (2007), José Rafael Pocaterra (2009), and Armando Reverón (2011). 

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