Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles

Born: Caracas, 1977


Photo from País Portatil

Twitter: @sanchezrugeles

Key themes: As part of the Venezuelan diaspora himself, living, studying and writing in Madrid since 2007, it is no surprise that Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles’ works all document the complex, often ambivalent relationship between young Venezuelans and their homeland. They address both the general questioning of identity (Who am I? Where do I belong?) which has universal resonance, and specific issues of what it means to be Venezuelan. This leads to a real sense of sadness in his novels, from characters who never feel settled or at home anywhere.

While Sánchez Rugeles’ works bring to life truly engrossing characters and very personal stories, they are also cultural expressions of attitudes towards of contemporary Venezuelan society and politics. Intertwined with the individual stories are explorations of issues such as social inequality, Chavism, Venezuela’s place in Latin America and the wider world.

Stylistically, Sánchez Rugeles’ work is notable for the interweaving of different media into literature, from films and TV to MSN or Blackberry Messenger, and above all, music. Moreover, he is a master of suspense, telling his stories in a complex mesh of flash-backs and flash-forwards which constantly pose more questions as they slowly elucidate answers.



Blue Label/Etiqueta Azul. 2010. Caracas: Editorial CEC. Winner of the Arturo Uslar Pietri Prize.
Reprinted in the USA by Sudaquia, 2013.

Transilvania Unplugged. 2011. Caracas: Alfaguara.

Liubliana. 2012. Caracas: Ediciones B.
Reprinted in Mexico: Fondo Editorial Estado de Mexico, 2012.
Slovenian version, 2013: Ljubljana, Editorial Študentska založba/Beletrina Academic Press. Trans: Marjeta Prelesnik Drogz.

Jezabel. 2013. Caracas: Ediciones B.

Short story collections:

Los Desterrados. 2011. Caracas: Ediciones B.


El viaje de Sánchez Rugeles in El Universal 11 May 2012

Eduardo Sánchez Rugeles: “La literatura debe hacer reír” in El Universal 27 February 2012

«Llegué a la literatura a través del cine» in País Portatil, July 2012

Música y cine en/desde la literatura in País Portatil, May 2012

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